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Garment Supply

We make it super easy to get your printing underway with our garment supply service. We get your products express shipped to us for a fast turnaround time; and make sure all your garments are in stock and in perfect condition before the printing commences. We recommend garments from our main suppliers AS Colour and Gildan because they are trusted fair trade corporations who’s products we know and trust to print on every day. We also have a number of other suppliers so if you’re looking for something specific we can certainly help guide you to find the right products for your needs.

Maybe you’ve got some garments made up or you would like to source some from an alternative supplier? We will need to see a physical example of the garment to determine the fabric composition and see if we are capable of decorating onto the material. This will also help us to determine how large we can print onto the garment and investigate if there might be any issues when printing onto the garment. It is important for us to know the fabric composition of the garments we print onto because it tells us which inks are going to be most effective for decoration.

April 19th 2018

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Print of the week!

Hot off the press! We've just finished printing these cute tees for Maria Island Tasmania, Designed by Great Scott Design. 


White print on to coloured tees makes a great impact without the costs of colour changing.


Check out more work by Great Scott Design here: Great Scott Design



March 8th 2018

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Get Toothed Tees

Get Toothed came to us a few months back with 21 amazing designs and it was all we could do to keep up!
The end result was lots of bright colours and designs that really stand out from the crowd!

Check out the printed tees below, if you think you could use some Cool Bananas in your life you can buy their tees direct from their website. 



July 7th 2015

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Ink mixing and colour matching

October 31st 2013

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Machine set-up and testing

October 31st 2013

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