We are participating in Plastic Free July 2021!

The team at Super Special are constantly working to improve packaging, to ensure that materials used are as sustainable and environmentally responsible as they can be, and we are doing a few extra things this July to reduce our impact on the environment.

No plastic used to ship orders

We always avoid plastics, use compostable mailersĀ and mostly cardboard to package vinyl and bulky items however this July we are using no plastics at all when shipping orders to you.
Bubble wrap will be replaced with hex-wrap (cardboard).
Packing tape will be replaced with a plastic-free eco-tape.

We will be closely monitoring how much longer this process takes us to see if we can implement it permanently.

Merch we ship to tours will not have any plastic packaging either

We have committed to Plastic Free July to service all orders for the month of July. That means no plastic will be used for any tour merch or wholesale orders we send out for the whole month of July.

All items for In Hearts Wake are always packed as per the above at request of the band, who are incredibly passionate about the environment.

No plastic wrapped food, drink or office consumables during July

This is a biggy for our poor office manager! We are not ordering any items that are wrapped in plastic for the office during July. This will be a whole team effort to find alternatives for things like tea, coffee, snacks, and stationery.

We are constantly looking at how we can improve in our everyday efforts and will regularly update our social accounts and website with regards to our sustainability efforts. We will be closely monitoring how these changes affect things like our energy usage, shipping carbon offset and more to see if these changes help us to be more environmentally friendly as a business overall, in which case they may become permanent.

* Please note an items that are shipped to us in individually wrapped in plastic will not be removed from their wrapping. This includes items like shrink-wrapped vinyl which need to be kept this way for collectors, and air fresheners which need to be individually wrapped for safety and to avoid damage to other items.