In-house design
Screen Printing
Apparel sourcing
Garment finishing


In need of great merch? Super Special has been making retail ready apparel and merchandise for over 20 years.  We make t-shirts, hoodies, headwear, tote bags, stubby holders, posters, pins, stickers, tea towels… OK, this list is getting long, let’s just say we have you covered.

Industry experience combined with a touch of good ol’ customer service help in delivering quality product time after time.

IN-HOUSE DESIGN: The in-house graphic design team are on standby to help kick things off. We’ll simply work with what you have, or help you launch your vision from scratch.

SCREEN PRINTING: We’ll talk you through the process. Our automatic press’s cater for large volume commercial & event printing while our manual carousels are on standby for smaller runs.

ACCESSORY & APPAREL SOURCING: We work with all major apparel, headwear and accessory suppliers, however sometimes you need that extra special something. We’ll walk you through the process ensuring that dream idea is delivered to its fullest.

GARMENT FINISHING: Speaking of special, woven tags, printed tags, polly bagging, swing tagging, barcoding… we’ve got it all covered. We’ve already started it, let’s finish it right!